Laughing Stock Portfolio 2005

This was the third vintage of Laughing Stock’s Bordeaux blend ‘Portfolio’, but the first vintage they added their estate grown Malbec and Petit Verdot.  What impressed me most was the integration between fruit flavors and oak.  I know David (winemaker) goes to great lengths to improve his barrel program, and this is a great example of that marriage and how it works together to create flavors that each component could not reach on its own.  Oak and fruit is a beautiful balance but an easy one to screw up.  I am still seeing too many winemakers throw too much oak at their fruit and the flavors just don’t play nice together.

Here is a wine that was over six years old and when tasted blind, I would not have said this wine was more than three to four years old.  That tells me this wine is aging very gracefully and will continue to do so for some time.  I recommend 3-5 years but as your learning about my palate, I like the flavors of older wines and would hold mine for another 6-8 years and really go for some bottle aged complexity.

The longer you hold this wine, the softer I would go with food.  The complexity is going to increase and it would be a shame to beat up all that time in the bottle with some BBQ sauce or something too spicy.  I am recommending savory stews, braised short ribs, or a steak with just good quality salt and pepper on it.


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