Inniskillin Petit Verdot 2006

To us Canadian’s, Petit Verdot is like the Remy Shand of the wine world.  You have likely heard his chart topping song “The Way I Feel“, but don’t know much about him.  Petit Verdot is similar in that many wineries use a small percentage of Petit Verdot to blend into their Bordeaux like blends but very few bottle this wine as a single varietal.  Does BC do a chart topping expression of this grape?  Not yet, but I will let you know once I have reviewed the bottling of Orofino’s.

I have had many barrel samples of 100% Petit Verdot from BC, and also tasted single varietal expressions from Washington and Australia, and its not the friendliest grape.  It tends to have a certain austerity to it that can lend itself to flabby or soft wines that need a little discipline.  Its aroma structure impresses me and many BC examples tend to take on a floral expression that I can admire.

I remember having this 2006 Petit Verdot from Inniskillin a few years ago and wrote it up as young and aggressive and needs time.  Well, time has passed and unfortunately this wine has still not decided to integrate its fruit and oak flavours.  I did like the way it looked for its age and with six years on it, was still showing its youthful vigour, albiet with some awkward acidity .  There is still a small chance that with some serious bottle age the cooked fruit will mingle better with the oak once it takes on some leathery tones, but that’s not a guarantee.  I will check out the 2007 vintage, which seems to be their last release of this grape and see how it compares.  Overall, this wine is not faulted and if you like your big, bright, oaky reds then whip up a pot of mushroom risotto and go to it.  I’m going to cross my fingers and get back to you in 2018.


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