Blue Mountain Reserve Pinot Gris 2008

Have you ever made a food dish and you used great quality ingredients, prepped all your mise en place and when you put all the pieces together, it just doesn’t jive.  The flavours are there, you can taste each one individually, then just don’t work together.

There is some nice purity of fruit flavours, great acidity, some oiliness on the texture, good oak flavours, but everything sits separate and just doesn’t work together.  Sometimes some patience will help integrate these flavours but if it takes too long the acidity will drop and with all that oiliness and coconut flavour it will come off flabby.  I am not too worried about this because I have had some older Blue Mountain Winery Pinot Gris and they tend to age quite well.  I would cross my fingers for another 2-3 years and open my other bottle.

I would pair with some coconut shrimp and little salsa verde to bring out more of the fruit and bridge the components together.

Side Note:  If you haven’t checked out Blue Mountain’s website, it is worth a visit.  Very well done.


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