Kettle Valley Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 – Barber Vineyard

This Cab Sauv from Kettle Valley Winery is grown in Naramata from the Barber Vineyard.  There is some nice oak aging from the 21 months of French oak and then over 30 months of bottle age.  As I mentioned above this Cab Sauv shows some pyrazine flavours but not in excess.  It adds to the complexity of this wine and as it ages it will layer nicely with the spectrum of flavours that are already present.

Still a young wine with some solid tannins but the tannins show some finesse so I look forward to some more time in the bottle.  I would start looking at this wine in about 3-6 years.

If you can’t wait that long then try pairing this wine with lightly grilled or roasted foods like beef or chicken.  Stay away from sugar and spice and focus on flavours that are earthy and herbal.  I would do a garlic and rosemary rubbed strip loin with roasted fingerling potatoes.


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