Nk’Mip Qwam Qwmt Pinot Noir 2009

I have a soft spot for Pinot Noir, its a grape that is difficult to get into the bottle exactly the way a winemaker foresees.  Wanting BC to produce world calibre Pinot Noir is like wishing your child makes it big in the movie or sports industry.  There is plenty of hope but doesn’t always mean its going to happen.  I’m not saying we have hit the big leagues yet, but you can’t fault a guy for hoping.

I know Randy PIcton (the winemaker) is very passionate about his Pinot Noir and he invests a considerable amount of stress into each vintage trying to make it better than the last.  The 2009 is probably one of my favourites yet.  I am not looking for power or oak or tannin in a great Pinot Noir, I am looking for soul.  World class Pinot Noir has a sense of place that makes their complexity look simple.

Many consumers trying the 2009 Nk’Mip QQ Pinot Noir may find it shy and dry, but if you coax it out of the glass patiently, you will see that there is sophistication and elegance tightly wrapped in that bottle.  I found a nice balance of oak and fruit that neither compete or detract from each other and its already starting to show a glimpse into the future with the beginning of some floral notes.  This is a wine to lay down for for another 3-4 years and then try again.  If its been stored right and my premonitions are true then this wine will only be starting to show what it has to offer.  You will then have the confidence to lay it down for another 3-4 years and we shall experience a wine we wish we all had bought more of.

If you doubt the longevity of Nk’Mip’s big reds, find a 2004 QQ Merlot and see how young that little puppy is, still bright and young at heart.


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