Road 13 Chenin Blanc 2007, 90pts

Always been a big fan of Chenin Blanc from BC.  With three wineries accounting for about 98% of all production: Rd 13, Quails Gate, and Inniskillin, They make a combined total of about 6000 cases or 112 tonnes worth according to the 2010 Crop Report.  Quails Gate sources their Chenin Blanc from two vineyards, one in Ososyoos and one their own (location unknown). Inniskillin says they source their grapes from McIntyre Vineyard in Oliver.  The 2011 Grape Acreage Report claims 18 acres of Chenin Blanc planted in BC and the 2010 Crop Report notes 112 tonnes harvested, thus equaling about 6.22 tonnes to the acre???  That seems quite high considering the Rd 13 vineyard at their age will likely only produce about 3ish tonnes to the acres in a good year?

The grapes for Rd 13’s Chenin Blanc come from their own vineyard and are the oldest Chenin Blanc grapes in the Pacific Northwest as they turn 45 next year.

I like some age on certain white wines (big surprise) and this 2007 is at its peak for me.  Great golden color and lots of life.  The aromatics are still big and intense with some soft honey and apricot tones revolving around its citrus core.  The mid palate explodes with bright citrus as the tertiary flavors drape around the edges of your tongue.  Its losing steam but not with out a fight.  If you have any in your cellar, I would recommend enjoying this wine over the next year or two.  If your anxious to get your hands on the small production (560 cases) of the 2011 vintage.  Mark your calendars for May 15th and get in line for another great vintage.

I have some 2006 from Golden Mile and a 2007 from Inniskillin I will review shortly.


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