Morning Bay Riesling 2003

Not sure what to expect from a 9 year old riesling made from Morning Bay Winery located on Pender Island, with grapes coming from Orofino Vineyards in the Similkameen. While visiting the winery last summer, they had a few 2003 and 2004 Rieslings in their library section that couldn’t have been any worse than what we tasted in the tasting room so I grabbed one of each.  The 2004 also showed well, but the grapes came from Nk’Mip Vineyards that year.

I poured this wine blind to a bunch of wine geek friends and it was unanimous that this was an older germanic riesling.  Great petrol and mineral with still a glimmer of life left in the citrus core.  What impressed everyone was the long complex finish.  Layers of fruit with touches of oxidization and diesel all working wonderfully together, overall this is yet another great example that we drink our wines way too young!!


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