Mt Boucherie or Hester Creek

Tonight is pesto coated boneless chicken thighs roasted with the skin on over white cannelli beans.  The beautiful juices from the chicken drip down from the chicken and flavour the pre cooked beans.  This is being served with tahini crusted sweet potato and garlic coated brussel sprouts that have been roasted as well.

The question!!

2007 Mt Boucherie Merlot or 2006 Hester Creek Reserve Merlot?  What would your choice be?


Because my dinner is still cooking, I found this photo from a food blog and they have a good recipe for a similar dinner that looks just as good.




2 thoughts on “Mt Boucherie or Hester Creek

  1. Haven’t had the ’06 Hester Creek Reserve Merlot, but the ’07 is simply fabulous! How about a Black Hills Alibi for the herbaciousness (is that a word???) of the pesto?

  2. On a flavour to flavour basis, I agree, the Alibi would be a fun pairing. I would only watch out for the natural sugars in the sweet potato that would dilute and thin out the body of the wine giving it a watery feel.

    I use the word “Herbaciousness” all the time 🙂 Thanks for the comment.

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