Van Westen Voluptuous 2007


Classic, classic, classic.  If more meritage blends from BC were built this way, we would get a decent reputation for quality.

Here the problem!!    I recommend this wine, you go out and pick up a bottle or few and you take it home and drink it.  How many of you are going to hold onto this wine for the 5 plus years it needs to show even better?  The statistics say – very few of you.

The wine maker grew incredible fruit, oak aged the wine to give it structure and balance, and deep down knows it will show its best in the future.  Then you have this fundamental reality of business called cash flow.  Having already invested 2-3 years of inventory and production, the wine needs to start earning its keep.  As with the majority of the wineries in the world, very few have the financial capabilities to age their wines till perfection before releasing to the public.  Not to mention the winery would have to charge more for the wine to age it for you.

Here’s the incentive – my crystal ball tells me if you held this wine for at least 3 more years and opened it on a wonderful fall day in 2015 the wine would likely be rated 93+ points.  Would that convince you?

I preach understand your palate.  In other words discover what you like to drink, the more you ask “why” you like it, the more answers will help you define the wine styles you like best.


Cedar Creek Pinot Gris 2011

In the few dozen 2011 Pinot Gris‘s I have tasted this year, I am noticing softer aromatics and the wines are not as pronounced like they have been in the previous years.  The same spectrum of flavours are still present, but its like smelling them through a filter, they just aren’t as pronounced and their intensity isn’t as strong.  Good or Bad?  That depends on the style of wine you like.

Then there is Cedar Creeks 2011 Pinot Gris, a well crafted expression that took a cooler year and still achieved a style that I hope remains consistent for years to come.  You have a spectrum of flavours, a great mouthfeel that balances sugar, acid, oiliness, and purity of fruit.